Mubone Augmented Trombone (Ongoing)

Digital Instrument Design

Here’s the first prototype of mubone, an augmented trombone outfitted with electronic sensors and controls. It takes advantage of the trombone’s directionality/physicality and incorporates movement/space as expressive inputs.

With support from the Marin Alsop Entrepreneurship Award and Harvestworks.

co-developer Travis West
video Peter Brensinger
audio Rebekah Wineman
colour Chantalle Clarkin

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Movement Etudes for Improvisors (2019)

Augmented woodwind ensemble, mubone adapted for clarinet

Commissioned by the New York University New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Esther Lamneck.

Premiere: May 12, 2019 @ Frederick Loewe Theatre @ NYU, Manhattan, NY, USA

composer Kalun Leung
recording New York University
direction Dr. Esther Lamneck
performers NYU New Music Ensemble

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Conductive Dinner (2019)

Interactive Sound Installation for Prepared Speaker Woofers

Commissioned by Seed Artists for the Freedom of Sound: Percussion Festival

Premiere: May 4, 2019 Montclair, New Jersey, USA

concept & realization Kalun Leung
fabrication Rebekah Wineman
technical consultation Frank Spigner

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Die Posaune (ongoing)

Trombone Sound Sculpture

Premiere: May 7, 2018 Glass Box Theatre, The New School Manhattan, NY, USA

concept Kalun Leung, Felix Del Tredici
performers Siw Laurent, Kalun Leung, Felix Del Tredici
documentation Peter Brensinger, Rebekah Wineman

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BF+DA Interactive Cocoon (2018)

Interactive Wearable Garment for Performance Artist

Premiere: May 7, 2018 Glass Box Theatre The New School, Manhattan, NY, USA

concept & realization Kalun Leung
fabrication Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
performer Rae Haas
film Peter Brensinger

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The Digital Harings (2017)


Photo Courtesy The New School © Phillip Van Nostrand

Solo trombone, electronics, Casiotone, Keith Haring digital sketches

Premiere: December 7, 2017 @ The Bruno Walter Auditorium, Manhattan, NY, USA

composition and performance Kalun Leung
mentorship Jane Ira Bloom

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