Die Posaune

I presented this piece with Felix del Tredici and Siw Laurent at my graduating recital at The New School in May 2018. Felix and I met Siw a week before my recital at the Creative Music Studio workshops in Greenwich Village. Her role in our collaboration presented itself in the most natural and serendipitous way – she brought to the workshop a sense of Shamanic dominance that emanated from her soul, voice, and Nordic frame drum. For months, Felix and I have been dreaming up a piece that involved the trombone as an object/installation, sympathetic resonance and feedback, and BDSM theatrics. Siw witnessed our informal workshopping of the piece in the basement of the Greenwich Music School that weekend and it became immediately clear that the piece needed her involvement.

The improvisation lasted around 10 minutes, a soundscape of slide-controlled karaoke mic feedback and Siw’s powerful vocalizations and drumming. Felix and I became slave to the instrument; we embodied ourselves as anchors tied via pulley to the trombone slide, control of the slide limited to the rope that tied it to our mouths. As we floated farther from the mothership, the slide would extend upwards, changing the pitch of the feedback duet while Siw’s energy blanketed our eventual demise.

Dance & Music Improv at Triskelion Arts

Performed as the opening act for the Never Before, Never Again Festival 2018 in Brooklyn. We were given 15 minutes to present an interdisciplinary dance piece. We performed an entirely improvised set with 5 dancers and 5 musicians and made attempts at overlapping these traditional roles.


Luckily I never had to break up with or over Siri, which seems to be not far from the truth for some relationships who are tethered to technology or relationships that live in networked spaces. I had an amazing opportunity to work with fellow New School students from Drama and Jazz in Jane Ira Bloom’s Improvisatory Artists Lab. My co-star Jacqueline Reed helped dramatize the sketch as we improvised our way out of a brutal Siri-mediated breakup with the aid of my trombone birthday cake. 

Twister Improv Game

I wanted to harness the idea of a Games Night which would bring audiences and performers together in a fun and cheeky way. This is the first of a series of improv games that borrow from party games, recorded at The New School with Reggie Workman’s Futuristic Ensemble Class.

Little Suns Latest Release

We recorded this at engineer Danys Levasseur’s beautiful farmhouse in the Eastern Townships. I played trombone, bass trumpet and tenor horn, the latter which is featured on the fourth track Sail On. Major tour in July to be announced soon!



I came back to Montréal from Guca in 2014 determined to immerse myself in balkan brass band tradition. I had an overwhelming response from my brass colleagues at McGill and we formed our own “Trubaci”, a brass orkestar I started where we would learn from the field recordings I took while I was in Serbia. We recorded this one song I picked up from a young band who was competing at Guca and named it rather arbitrarily as is the custom when names are unknown, or simply because it is more common to identify songs by the origin. Nonetheless, my travel-mates and I named it Power Shower. We lived in the basement of a local lady’s house up the hill from the festival where many of the competing bands were also staying. The bands would practice outside our shower and this tune stuck with us the most.

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