Picnic Electronic

What happens when you get to the venue and they have no power? It happened to Raquel, Jack and I for our debut electroacoustic set at Spectrum, a not so fun fact that we discovered upon arriving, standbying as our gracious host attempted to manual hoist the huge gate that stood between us and the unlit space. Once we decided we could carry on with fully charged laptops and enough Bluetooth speakers to go around, our host stepped up once again and went straight to the liquor and hardware store to get sorry wine and flood lanterns.

The show turned into a spatialized chamber soirée thanks to the wireless speakers we distributed around the space; with a noticeable audio latency we attempted to incorporate into our improvisation. I was already into the idea of a picnic setup for electronics, one that would require no mains power or large amplifiers, and this opportunity sealed the deal.

I was invited back to Spectrum by another curator, this time at the storied Bell Labs boardroom at Westbeth in Greenwich Village, and I made it a thing (happening?). Here it is in full glory, this time with the providence of power which I happily chose not to utilize.

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